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I have started my monastary.  What about you?                                                            Dennis Dieckman

I have resurrected on old wed site of mine CUEMAKER.COM at present the 

content is a work in progress  that will change drastically every day.

Let me paint you  a writen picture, a picture you may no like, about the future of cue sports, as Hieronymus Bosch might have seen it.  I grant you that the various games, involving a billiard cue, of some sort, and a table with rails bounding it to keep the balls off the floor, some with pockets, some with out,  will still be played but NOT by the general public.  This will probably happen in less the 100 years, this future I see. As world culture becomes more Amerikanised, that is to say more dummies created by government controlled system of education that tests but does not teach, a corporate culture that rewards obedience over innovation and the media whose only message is that if you are not afraid of something terrible happening to you and yours you are not normal and should be institutionalized, you will see people participating less and less in physical activity being more interested in the noise in the ear pods and the color images on the big screen TV which they believe is reality. People will not be parking or driving stheir own cars, if individual car ownership even exists, cars will park and drive themselves.  Rather than walking, even in their own abodes, they will be in chairs or gyroscopically control devices, and that is how they will move about.  Muscles mass will have decreased dramatically in favor of storing more fat on their bodies.  They will probably even have trouble wiping their own asses unless they have some sort of robot to do it for them. As copulation will be seen as being for nothing other than pleasure there will have been a dramatic decline in the birthrate, and as a result there of,  the world’s population will have been greatly reduced.  Other causes of this population reduction will of course be caused by peoples themselves killing each other off in many ways: war, famine, pestilence and global warming being the main causes. Sports will not exist as be definition a sport requires the person preforming it to move rapidly from place to place and to break into a sweat while doing so. Big Agriculture will  be feeding them and while it will not be SOYLENT GREEN, it will basically all taste like re- cycled cardboard.  Big Industry will be housing them in human ant hills and providing them with consumer goods, all designed to have a very short term life, so to keep them


Those of you out there who have their own pictures of Xuan Loc, Long Khanh Province and want to post them on this site, then send them to me.  Any images sent should be in JPG format and not be any larger than 100KB.  If you have any that you do want posted send them to Sgt. Zoomie [aka Dieckman]  Send a writen commentary also.  This is all about saving and sharing experiences.
continuously in debt–the concept of the “company store” transported to the 22d century. Big Medical will exist only to ease the dying process;  make sure people only live while they can “work” and when then can’t help get rid of them.  Life expectancy will be around 60 years on the average.  Big Pharmacy will of course be providing the drugs that will make this all work.  Opiates for the end of life experience and Cannabis and psilocybin to keep the people docile and suggestible during their “working” lives.  All other drugs and inebriants will have been proscribed except beer and only if you brew your own.   All the FOUR BIGS will be governed by Big Government but it will not exist for the people and will not be elected but selected as in the Mandarin System in old China.  Big Gov’s purpose will be mostly to an arbitrater in any disputes that might arise between the Four Bigs and within them internally.  Each of the four bigs will be of course world wide but the fiction will be that within each of the bigs there will be three independent and competitive units operating but again that will be the fiction Big Sports will not exist except at a monastic level and that is where cue sports will be along with all the others. the players will never get rich nor will we in the process.   Humanities collective IQ peaked during the stone age.....the advent of steel saw the first retrograde, the concept of ONLY ONE GOD and that it was a MALE really put us on the slippery slope and the development of electronic communications has resulted in the cliff being in sight of the herd. CUE SPORTS WILL survive but as they will become too physically and mentally exhausting for THE GREAT HERD... it will only exist in very remote places, in a monastic type setting.  Each monetary will have six tables minimum, one snooker 6 x 12 drop pockets, one pool 5 x 10 drop pockets, one carom billiard no pockets, one bumper pool table, one ping-pong table one foos-ball table.  The Monks and Monkettes would all be adept at all these games, which will now be revered almost as a martial art.  They will have extremely minimal human contact, such as they will be then, except amongst the Monks and Monkettes themselves, both on and off the table.  AY LEAST one game has to be going on 24-7-365-forever if humans on this planet want to continue to exist but for most 2-STRAND that will be come increasingly difficult.  So the world will become more Buddhist, with these cue sports monasteries being the equivalent of prayer wheels.  And let me tell you i have met some very fat Buddhist monks over my years.  Most of the games you have cited have become too physical for most bodies by the time my generation was 44 or so.  THAT TO WILL DECLINE but cue sports are different.  I am 70 years old and playing my best ever SO I ONLY want to play NOT WATCH.  It is not getting MORE PLAYERS; it is getting more watching.  British Snooker took of [for 16 STARS and that is all you need] because little old ladies started watching snooker because they looked like gentlemen, played like gentlemen, and most importantly dressed in those nice tight black pants and had such cute bums.....REALLY! I have started my monastary.  What about you?
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