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BOB BYRNE ESTATE SALE Bob Byrne, in his last will and testament bequeathed to the United States Billiard Association  [USBA]  his collection of books, video tapes and DVDs, personal correspondence,  as well as the holographic manuscript for McGoorty, as well as all sorts diagrams and other material he used to write his instructional books.  His intent was for it to be sold  by the USBA  for the benefit of carom billiards, a game he loved above all others.  As I have settled several other billiards related estates and have nothing else to do the USBA asked me to take on this task and I said “YES” which is not quite like volunteering, which having spent 1024 days in Vietnam I should know better than to do. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SALE: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY ITEM LISTED THE MINIMUM OFFER YOU MUST TENDER IS $100. I realize many of the books Bob had in his collection are readily available on-line for dimes on the dollar I am asking on behalf of the USBA but those books will not have Bob’s DNA on it, nor mine for that matter. If you simply want a copy of one of these books go find it on the internet.  BUT IF YOU ARE A LOVER OF THE GAME OF CAROMS, HAVE A PASSION FOR IT, THEN IT IS TIME TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND SPEND SOME MONEY BEFORE IT IS TO LATE AND THE GAME DIES. THERE IS A TEAM OF PEOPLE WORKING TO PREVENT THAT BUT WE NEED MORE PEOPLE ON THE TEAM, EVEN IF ALL WE CAN USE YOU FOR IS A WATER BOY.....LOL When any given item has an offer made on it I will announce such in an email blast to all others who might be interested and you will then have 7 DAYS to trump that offer, otherwise it is sold. This sale will  go on till everything is sold or is burnt on my funeral pyre, which ever comes first......LOL. OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY E MAIL OR PHONE  ONLY AND MUST INCLUDE YOUR “BIRTH  NAME” [any bid submitted with just your “handle” or “tag name” will not be accepted ], SHIPPING ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.  BIDS SENT TO ME AS PM’s ON SOCIAL MEDIA ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE RESPONDED  TO. All sales are final and all items are sold as is, where is, with all faults and defects.  All items are available for inspection but for that you must make a trip down to scenic Rockbridge County down in Virginia where I live.  EVERY ITEM on this list I have personably catalogued and described, as to the best of my knowledge, intelligence and ability; any errors or omissions are not intended and the desrciptions in this catalogue can no way be used in any future claims against myself, the USBA nor the Estate of Bob Byrne, on any basis what-so-ever. PLEASE NOTE, CERTAIN ITEMS  HAVE A MINIMUM BID HIGHER THAN $100. In addition to any item you acquire for $100 or more you will get a letter of recognition from the USBA making you a member of the MR. 100 CLUB in appreciation for your contribution.  Said letter to be signed by both Mazin Shooni and Myself which will really be worth the big bucks someday......LOL I also still have available some items from CARL CONLON’s  ESTATE,  as well as stuff I myself have accumulated over the years, which are being offered with ALL MONIES going to help promote carom billiards. Buy it now or this stuff will just  fuel my funeral pyre, someday. DENNIS DIECKMAN PS: I first met BB in Novato in 1979 and we played a few games of caroms, had a meal and a few beverages together and then parted ways.  This tradition continued over many years until August 2016 when I saw and dined with him for the last time in NYC, the first time I ever met Cynthia.  The towns we ate in drank in I cannot remember all of them but just to name a few, Rockford, Las Vegas,  Decatur, Chicago, Jacksonville,  Detroit, Denver, Lawrensville,  Raytown,  Dubuque, Lansing,   Toledo,  Grand Rapids, and a few other places I have forgotten [like Monroe MI] but those were the glory days......