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Some of these pictures date from the last century or even earlies…..LOL NOTHING you will see here when you click on the galleries, if in a finished state, is currently available from me.   BUT if you pay attention to the after market you might just get lucky. These images are just blasts from the past and as you can see every cue is different. I never had a “line of cues” that all looked and hit the same.  Cues should be like shoes, many different sizes for many different feet. FEEL FREE to steal any and all of my designs that appeal to you adapt them to the cues you make or want made for you. Acknowledge that you have done this or not it will still make me a little bit more immortal. ENJOY THE IMAGES which you may download and use where ever and however you want.
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Xin loi GI…….site still under construction…..please stay tuned as i will be adding pictures from time to time in the upcoming months. If you see something in orange print click on it and you will be rewarded with some nice pictures.