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MANUSCRIPTS, LETTERS, OTHER SUCH STUFF Lot 0001: Bryne, Robert.   Typewritten manuscript for McGOORTY, 230 plus pages, 8.5" x 11", with notes and corrections by the author.  From what I can determined Bob dictated this and then had a professional typist produce this document, which he then edited and sent to his publisher.  Minimum Offer: $2000 Lot 0002: ----------------.  1.5 inches thick, 8.5" x 11", all off Bob’s notes for BYRNE’S STANDARD BOOK OF BILLIARDS, or whatever it was called.  Probably  the most influential book ever written about the game.  It is not a sport.  If you are interested in this item be prepared to make a significant donation to the USBA. Keep in mind you can buy the book on Amazon for 20 bucks or less, BUT THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT and consists of hundreds and hundreds of 8.5 x 11 pages including many letters that people sent him with trick shots and his replies to them.  I have yet to go thru this pile page by page but will bee doing it soon as it is the last thing left to catalogue.  Minimum Offer, as is, un-inventorried $2000 Lot 0002a: -----------------.  HOLOGRAPHIC NOTES ON 4 X 6 CARDS [YELLOW] Bob took notes, in fact he took them of 4" x 6" cards [which is really weird as I also eat 4x6's for breakfast.   AT ANY RATE,  each card illustrates just one shot and there are just enough of his personal code so he could remember but no one else would understand.  Now this is a double weird because I still do the same thing myself.   THIS STACK OF 4X6's is 1.75 inches AND TRUST ME I HAVE NOT EVEN COUNTED THEM LET ALONE LOOKED AT EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY but they are all there, perhaps 175-200 separate shots IN HIS OWN HANDWRITING and SHOT DRAWINGS.   ABSOLUTELY ON OF A KIND.  Minimum Offer: $1000. BOOKS WITH AUTOGRAPHS Lot 0003: Anton, Chef.  THE POOL HUSTLERS HANDBOOK. Sacramento, CA, Tricks of the Trade: 2002.  Soft cover 5.5" x 8.5", Fine to As New Condition.  Autograph reads: “To Bob, This book would not be complete without your endorsement, Happy Hustling, Chef Anton” On the back cover it reads: “A clever, entertaining compilation. I wish I had written it!”  Bob Byrne, BCA Hall Of Fame.  Minimum Offer $200 Lot 0003a: ---------------.  THE POOL HUSTLERS HANDBOOK. Sacramento, CA, Tricks of the Trade: 2002.  Soft cover 5.5" x 8.5", Fine to As New Condition.  Same book as above but with only the generic autograph ‘Happy Hustling.....Chef Anton Lot 0004: Austrian Billiard Sportsband.  80 JAHRE: 1931-2011 Linz, Austria, Weingartner Press:  2011. 96pp, many pictures, both colored and b/w, book is virtually pristine, hardcover; includes post card autographed by Heinrich Weingartner himself. Lot 0005: Bentivegna, Freddy.  BANKING WITH THE BEARD Self Published: 2005.   Pristine condition, obviously never read by BB.  Autograph not personalized just what Freddie signed generically: “Bank on, brother!  The Beard”. Lot 0006: Birdsell, Harry.  PLAY 3 CUSHION BILLIARDS BY THE ANGLE SYSTEM. Self published 1961.  5.5 x 8.25, only 12 pages long, in very good condition, this pamphlet is a collectors dream.  Autographed by the author with another hand, perhaps Carl Strassburger writing.  VERY RARE.  Minimum Offer:$350.
Lot 0007: Bray, Michael D.  BILLIARDS AT THE UNION CLUB: 1836-2007 . Copy number 47 of three hundred printed, signed by the author, 5.75" x 8.75", hardcover, bound with SIMONIS 300 cloth this one is a rare bird.  The current tables in this club date to 1896.  Byrne is not mentioned in this book but some how he got copy number 47 out of 300.  Minimum Offer:   $200  Lot 0008: Ceulemans, Raymond.  MISTER 100.  Belgium, 1979.  8.5" x 11", hardcover, with dust jacket.  Show some evidence of being read by Byrne, good to very good condition.  Autographed by RC but not to Byrne but to Carl Conlon.  CC had some sort of deal with Raymond and as I recall he bought 50 to 75 copies of this book which made CC the exclusive dealer of this book in the Americas.  I am not sure how many copies of this book were printed but no more than 1000 and maybe only 500.  I surmise that Bob actually bought this book from Carl, not Raymond.  DEFINITELY A COLLECTORS ITEM.  Minimum Offer: $1000 Lot 0009: Givens, R.  THE  EIGHT BALL BIBLE. Reno NV, Eight Ball Express: 2003. Autographed to BB from RG: “For Bob Byrne The Best Billiard Writer, [signed] R. Givens.”  This book is 8.5 x 11 softer cover and from its condition it is clear that BB never opened it to read it, after all he was the best and did not need to read the twaddle others wrote......LOL Lot 0010: Hungness, Carl.  1999 BILLIARDS YEAR BOOK. Indianapolis, Hungness Publications: 1999.  8.75" x 11" Hardcover .  Fine to very good.  Autograph: “For Bob Byrne....my sincere thanks for your help.  I need help from the journeymen.  Hope we can do it again.....best....Carl Hungness” Carl published an Indianapolis 500 Yearbook for many years and intended to do the same with his “Billiards Yearbook” but only did it one year as he lost his shirt on the first one.  Fine to very good condition. Minimum Offer $200 Lot 0011: Langley Ray.  THE POOL PLAYERS BIBLE. Self  published: 1980.  Not really autographed but has some annotations in it written by BB.   The authors take on the game is rather interesting.  5.5" x 8.5", soft cover, Very Good to Fine condition.  Very rare as it is not listed in Craven.  Minimum Offer $250. Lot 0012: Manen, Bert van.  THE BLOMDAHL ERA. Self published, 2014.  6.125" x 8.5, hardcover, UNREAD, AUTOGRAPHED: “For Bob Byrne.....an eminence you are indeed.....and one I love to read......signature......10-7-2014" Minimum Offer: $200 Lot 0013: Martineau, Darrell Paul.   SECRE SECRETS OF THREE CUSHION BILLIARDS DOCTORAL [1996], SECRE TS OF THREE CUSHION BILLIARDS DOCTORAL MILLENNIUM EDITION [1999 2 xcopies], SECRETS OF POCKET BILIARDS-POOL-BANKING AND KICK SHOTS-MASTERS EDITION-[2002] Self Published, see dates above.  I have lumped these all together as the DPM System in what we in the golf world would call paralysis by analysis.  AND DPM is a superb analysis.  8.5" x 11", Almost As New, BB never read them.  IN FACT, THESE WERE SENT TO bb ON 7-26-2016 by a fellow by the name of BRYCE CUNNINGHAM and the holographic letter that BC sent to BB [although tattered] would be included in this bulk sale-the stack of four books is one inch thick.  If you want the books contact DPM.....if you want THESE BOOKS with the autographs to BC and his letter to BB: Minimum Offer $350 Lot 0014: Massey, Mike with Philip Capelle.  MIKE MASSEY’S WORLD  Billiards Press, Midway City , CA: 2003.  7" x 9.5", softcover, 300 pages.  Byrne obviously read the last chapiter entitled “Mike’s Poolography” [pp 253-283] but nothing else.  The book is in Very Good Condition and is autographed; “To My very good friend Robert Byron [sic].....a great writer player  and person......Jesus loves you.....Mike Massey.....poolography page 252" I ALSO HAVE AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THIS BOOK AVAILABLE FOR SALE...... Lot 0015: Polsky, Ned.  HUSTLERS, BEATS, AND OTHERS New York, Lyons Press: 1998 A classic sociological study of DEVIANCE written by a very good and old friend of of mine in 1967 after years of studying the subject in many, many pool halls and other places of ill-repute.  5.5 x 8.25 softcover, autographed: “3/98......for Bob Byrne- who saved me from several blunders.  In appreciation, [signed] Ned Polsky”.   Book has never been read.  Minimum Offer $250 Lot 0016: Robin, Eddie.  POSITION PLAY IN THREE CUSION BILLIARDS. Eddie Robin Publishing, Los Angelos,: 1979.   6.75" x 11" hardcover, autographed “Eddie Robin” with no something to Byrne.   I ALSO HAVE A COPY OF THIS BOOK FOR SALE with one of the most super autographs I have ever gotten.  Go to cuemaker.com and if you can find the image you can read what Eddie wrote to me.  Minimum Offer: $600. Lot 0017: Rutter, Paul A. “DOC”.  THE BAREFOOT CUE BALL Bloomington, Indiana, Author House:  2011.  DOC is an old, old friend and he finally wrote the book he had been talking about for years.  DOC ask BB for a review and BB wrote these words that appeared on the front cover of this book: “Here are lessons of a life time presented in a readable style.”   6 x 9 softcover, is As New, never read.  Doc Rutter also autographed it to BB: “Bob, Thank you for previewing my bock and providing a quote.  “Doc” Rutter.” Lot 0018: Smith, Bill.  THE CONCISE BOOK OF POSITION PLAY. Self  Published: 2012 ???  Includes a DVD.  Soft cover, 6.5" x 9", As New Condition.  Autograph reads: “To George One of my oldest and dearest friends....Without your help this book would not been possible....Bill Smith ‘Mr 3 Cushion’ “   I assume “George” is George Theobald [a good friend on mine who died to young-82] and that he [GT] gave this copy to Bob.  Minimum Offer $250.  JUST AS AN AFTER NOTE:   I have known Billy for too, too long......he can even call me Denny but don’t any of you other rat f$%^&%^#*s out there try it.   When I was a poor and destitute upstart cue builder he put me up whenever I was in chi city which was many times.  HE IS ONE OF THE TOP FIVE TEACHERS OF THE GAME I HAVE EVER HAD.......his book [and he could have said everything in 33 pages] IS A MUST READ .  His perfect cue is 56" long, perfect cone, joint exactly at 50% of total length.  REAR=1.282"/JOINT=0.862"/TIP=0.472"......DO THE MATH......A PERFECT CONE...........but what can you expect from a perfect cone head.  IF YOU HAVE A BILLIARD or POOL TABLE Billy will come out for transportation, room and board in the hopes he might sell his auto-biography, which I will be helping him as his ghost writer.   THIS COULD BE BETTER THAN McGOORTY!!!!!!!! Lot 0019: Tuzul, Murat.  TUZUL BILLIARD SYSTEMS. Istanbul, Elyaf  Press: 2001 This book has been read, unlike many of the others on systems, but is in very good condition:  Autograph reads: “To Bob Byrne with kind regards, Marco Zanetti    26.09.2002.”  Minimum Offer: $200. BOOKS NOT AUTOGRAPHED Lot 0020: Alciatore, David G.  THE ILLUSTRATED PRINCIPLES OF POOL AND BILLIARDS. New York, Sterling Publishing: 2004.  Soft cover, 6" x 9", Very Good Condition. Lot 0021; Banner, Sid.  3 CUSHION BILLIARD SYSTEMS.   Boca Raton, FL, Sid Banner Press: 2005. No autograph, never been read by BB, several slight cover flaws so only fine.  Read the book you got the impression Sid invented the wheel but every thought is the book he stole from another and gives no credit where credit is due, including to my self who taught him his clock system and even then he got it wrong. Lot 0022: Billiards Congress of America.  THE OFFICIAL RULES AND RECORDS BOOK. Two books, one from 1995 the other from 1997.   Soft cover 5.5" x 8.5".  One is Fine condition the other Good. Lot 0023 Brothe, Clint.  BILLIARD DIAMONDS......AND HOW THEY SEPARATE THE MEN FROM THE BOYS Self published: 1966 Chicago.   2.125" x 6.75 “, 32 pages, Very Good condition.  VERY RARE.   Minimum Offer: $300
Lot 0024: Byrne, Bob.  KY THUAT CHOI BILLIARDS. Hanoi: 2003.  A dead knock off of Byrne’s Standard book which I doubt he ever got a dime for.  Fine condition.  Minimum Offer $200 Lot 0025: Carras, Jimmy.  TRICK AND FANCY SHOTS IN POCKET BILLIARDS.  Self-published: 1948. BB also must have studied this book to come up with some of “His Shots”.   5 x 7 soft cover Condition: Good to Very Good Lot 0026: Cochran, Welker.  SCIENTIFIC BILLIARDS Chicago, Ziff-Davis Publishing:  2d ED, 1942. This is a well read book but still has the paper cover but with flaws.  5 x 6/34 inches hardcover. Lot 0027: Cottingham, Clive.  THE GAME OF BILLIARDS. J.B. Lippincott, Philadelphia and New York: 1964, 5th printing.  Soft cover 6.5" X9.5".  Fair condition Lot 0028: Craven, Robert R.  BILLIARDS, BOWLING, TABLE TENNIS, PINBALL AND VIDEO GAMES: A BIBLIOGRAPHIC GUIDE.  Greenwood Press: Westport, Conn and London: 1983.  6.25" x 9.375", hardcover, good to very good, no autographs.  If you are a book collector and do not own CRAVEN’s book you are just an amateur.  Minimum Offer $200 Lot 0029: Daly, Maurice.  DALY’S BILLIARD BOOK. New york, Dover: 1971.  Soft cover re-print of the original, 5.5" x8.5", Good Condition to Fair Lot 0030: Gabriels, R.  ATLAS BIJ VAN GROOT SPEL TOT SERIE AMERICAINE Smit & Zoon, Hengelo, no date of publication.  7" x 9.5", hardcover, very good condition.  The Series Americaine revolutionized to play of free billiards in Europe and led to all the games we play today.  Minimum Offer: $200 Lot 0031: Gilbert, Allen. SYSTEMATIC BILLIARDS. Self Published:  1977.  6" x 9" Softcover.  Very Good but part of cover sun faded.  One of the most concise, best books on billiard systems written by an old friend of mine and a true champion.  A real mensch. Lot 0032: Grissim, John.  BILLIARDS. New York, St. Martins Press: 1979.  Hardcover, 6.5" x 9.5".  Good Condition with many tears in the dust jacket. Minimum Offer $200. Lot 0033: Hasse, Dieter.  DAS BILLARDSPIEL: EINE BIBLIOGRAPHIE Kassel University Press: 2001.  5.75" x 8", softcover, Unread, no autograph.  387 pages concerning ALL the written words ever written [up until 2001] about BILLIARDS; this book trumps CRAVEN’s. Lot 0034: -----------------.  100 JAHRE;  BILLIADSPORT IN DEUTSCHLAND 1911-2011 Koln: 2001 DBU.  Soft cover 6.75" x 9.5".  Fine condition.  Many picture both color and black and white. Lot 0035: Hendricks, William.  WILLIAM HENDRICKS’ HISTORY OF BILLIARDS. Roxanna, IL, Self Published: 1974.  Soft cover, 8.5" x 10.5", Good Condition.  Minimum Offer $200 Lot oo35a: ------------------------.  WILLIAM HENDRICKS’ HISTORY OF BILLIARDS. Roxanna, IL, Self Published: 1977.  Soft cover, 8.5" x 10.5", Good Condition.  Essentially the same book but with a test for his readers at the end.   Minimum Offer $200 Lot 0036: Hood, Joe.  TRICK AND FANCY POOL SHOTS EXPOSED Roxbury, Mass., Expose Publishing: 1908.  Soft-cover,  5.5 x 8.25; this is a modern copy but it is an interesting book and many of BB’s shots can be seen to coming from the book.  96 pps, very, very good condition. Lot 0037:
Hoppe, Willie.  THIRTY YEARS OF BILLIARDS. New York, Dover Publications: 1975.  Soft cover, 5.5" x 8". Good condition with cover somewhat wrinkled. Lot 0037a: ------------------.  BILLIARDS AS IT SHOULD BE PLAYED. Chicago, Reilly & Lee: 1941.  Hard cover 8.5" x 11".  Good Condition with some wear on the cover.  Minimum Offer $200. Lot 0037b: ------------------.  BILLIARDS AS IT SHOULD BE PLAYED. Chicago, Henry Begnery Co.: 1941.  Hard cover 8.5" x 11".  This is the same book but with a dust cover which is a little tattered.  Good Condition.  Minimum Offer $200. Lot 0038: Jewett, Bob.  THE SHOTS OF ARTISTIC BILLIARDS Self  published 1987.   5.5 x 8.5, second edition, very good condition, 95 pp, mostly diagrams of the shots, very little writing, no autographs. Lot 0039: Rhys, Chris.  THE BOOK OF SNOOKER DISASTERS & BIZARRE RECORDS. London Melbourne Auckland Johannesburg, Stanley Paul: 1986. Hardcover, 7.5 x 10, very good condition, read once with care. introduction by Steve Davis.   Lots of good photographs and stories.   119 pp. Lot 0040: Stoddartd, J.T.  THE SCIENCE OF BILLIARDS. Springfield, Mass., F.A. Bassette: 1913.  Hardcover, 5.5"x 8.25" Very good with the corners of the cover slightly frayed.  NOT listed in Craven.  Minimum Offer $200 Lot 0041: White, E.  A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE GAME OF BILLIARDS. Fayetville, GA, Carter Adams: 2007.  Hard cover, 5.75" x 8.5".   Originally printed in England in 1807.  As New Condition. MAGAZINES Lot 0042: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. 25 MAR 1974: contains an essay by Keith Power on billiards featuring 4 time US CHAMPION Frank Torres. 15 MAY 1978: contains an essay by Mike DelNagro featuring Raymond Ceuleman. 9 OCT 1978: contains an essay by Bob Byrne on billiards. Minimum Offer this lot of three is $150 to include shipping and letter of authenticity from the USBA.  OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS Lot 0043: Billiard Congress of America.  HALL OF FAME BANQUET PROGRAMS. BB was a presence at the BCA Trade Shows for a number of years. 1994: Ray Martin and Jimmy Moore.  1996;   Dallas West.  1999;   Larry Johnson.  2001;  Raymond Ceulemans and Bob Byrne.  2002;   Loree Jon Jones and Jim Rempe.  2003;   Edwin Kelly and Efren Reyes.  2004; Ewa Mataya Laurance and Greorge Balabushka.  2005: Robin Bell Dodson and Mike Massey.  2006: Earl Strickland.  2007: Sang Lee.  2008: Allen Hopkins and Pat Fleming. Minimum Offer for this lot of 11 programs is $200 and will include shipping and the letter from the USBA.   There is also available one more copy of the 2005 program and 2 each of 2006 and 2008 which you can cherry pick for $50 a copy to include shipping and the letter. Lot 0044: Women’s Professional Billiard Association.  2004 MEDIA GUIDE and 2005 MEDIA GUIDE Pictures of all the players, history of the organization, etc, etc.  8.5" x 11, Glossy magazine, good to very good condition VIDEOS and DVD’s
Lot 0045: Accu-Stats Videos.  SL’s 1996  3-CUSHION INT’L OPEN. There are eleven VHS format videos in this set, all with BB as the main commentator.  Guest commentators are Bob Jewett, Bill Maloney , Torbjorn  Blomdahl. Walt Harris, Mike Shamos [4 X], Deno Andrews, Michele Ceilen.  The players you can watch are: Dick Jaspers [3 X], Samih Sayginer [3 X], Raymond Ceulemans [3 X], Sang Lee [6 X], Carlos Hallon, Torbjorn Blomdahl [3 X], Frederick Caudron.  Also included is a tape from the 1999 Artistic Billiards Exhibition by Samih Sayginer given at the conclusion of the BWA Carl Conlon Tournament in Vegas.  Minimum Offer $200 [less than these would cost you from Accu-Stats]. Lot 0046: Accu-Stats Videos.  SL’s 1996  3-CUSHION INT’L OPEN. There are eleven VHS format videos in this set,  all with BB as the main commentator.  Guest commentators are Bob Jewett, Bill Maloney , Torbjorn  Blomdahl. Walt Harris, Mike Shamos [3 X], Deno Andrews, David Gross [2 X].  The players you can watch are: Dick Jaspers [4 X], Samih Sayginer, Raymond Ceulemans [3 X], Sang Lee [4 X], Carlos Hallon, Torbjorn Blomdahl [5 X], Frederick Caudron.  Also included is a tape from the 1999 Artistic Billiards Exhibition by Samih Sayginer given at the conclusion of the BWA Carl Conlon Tournament in Vegas.  Minimum Offer $200 [less than these would cost you from Accu-Stats]. You will note this lot is slightly different that the one listed above. Lot 0047: Accu-Stats Videos.  1999 CARL CONLON  WORLD  CUP  OPEN.   11 VHS format videos with BB as the main commentator on 9 of them and Roberto Arana doing that on two.  Other commentators are: Mike Shamos [3 X], Calos Hallon [2 X], Torbjorn Blomdahl, Marco Zanetti, Ray Schuler, Bill Incardona.  The players on tape are: Fredrick Caudron, Henk Habraken, Dick Jaspers, Marco Zanetti, Roberto Rojas, Semih Sayginer [3 X], Raimond Burgman, Sang Lee [2 x], Danny Sanchez, Torbjorn Blomdahl, Raymond Ceulemans, Tony Carlsen, Johann Scrombrand, Dion Nelin, Adnan Yuksel.  Also included is a tape from the 1999 Artistic Billiards Exhibition by Samih Sayginer given at the conclusion of the BWA Carl Conlon Tournament in Vegas as well as a tape named THE BEST OF 3-CUSHION BILLIARD by BB.    Minimum Offer $200 [less than these would cost you from Accu-Stats]. Lot 0048: Accu-Stats Videos.  2001 CARL CONLON WORLD CUP OPEN. 9 VHS format videos with BB’s being the main commentary on 4 of them and Roberto Arana doing the honors on five.  Guest commentators are Robert Byrne, Carlos Hallon [2 X], Allen Gilbert, Mike Shamos [2 X], Semih Sayginer, Mark Van Liere, Robert Arana.  There are two other videos in this lot on entitled: SANG LEE HOSTS KOREAN ARTISTIC MASTERS IN NYC.  The players are: Chang Cho Sup, Mr. Kim, Semih Sayginer, Torbjorn Blomdahl, Raymond Ceulemans.  The second other video if entitled 1996 ARTISTIC BILLIARDS EXHIBITION starring Roberto Rojas and Semih Sayginer.  Minimum Offer $200 [less than these would cost you from Accu-Stats]. Lot 0049: Accu-Stats Videos.  2003 LAS VEGAS 3-CUSHION WORLD CUP. 8 DVDs, one hosted by Mark Van Liere, 2 by Allen Gilbert and the other five by BB.  Guest comentators are: Walt Harris, TB, Carlos Mercado, Norm Lofgren, Jack Knoerr, Mike Shamos [3 X].  Player on these videos: Jaspers [2 X], Zanetti Sayginer [3 X], Sanchez [3 X], Ceulemans, Tasdemir, Miguel Torres, Caudron [2 X], John Tijssens, TB. .  Minimum Offer $200 [less than these would cost you from Accu-Stats]. OTHER STUFF Lot 0050: World Wide Collectibles.  PRO BILLIARDS TOUR BILLIARD CA RD SET.   1993, box 2.125" x 2.5+” x 3.5+”, cards pristine, box good to very good, 132 cards per set, this set is numbered 9044 out of ONE MILLION, but how many are still in existence today???? Minimum Offer $250 Lot 0051: Billiard Congress of America.   BOB BYRNE’s HALL OF FAME GREEN JACKET. The BCA stole this idea from the world of golf, specifically the jacket that THE MASTERS awards to the winner of its tournament.  It says “tailored in the USA” but where did the cloth come from????  Not Simonis, I will bet.  As of 1997 the BCA had 35 members of its hall of fame.  Since then I am not sure how many they have added.  If there are more than 50 of these green jackets out there you can KMA.   Minimum Offer $1000 YET TO BE INVENTORIED
CARL CONLON ESTATE STUFF Lot 0053: Conlon, Carl Scott.  3-CUSHION BILLIARDS IN-form-ATION Self published by Dennis Dieckman 1998, 8.5" x 11", three left of 24 Xerox Xerox copy of Carl’s original notes, ½ “ plus thick.  Byrne bought one of those copies from me by donating $100 to junior billiards.  It was like pulling teeth.  I STILL HAVE THREE COPIES that I made up years ago and the Minimum Offer is $150 which includes shipping. Lot 0053a: ----------------------.  3-CUSHION BILLIARDS IN-form-ATION.  Dated 6/10/86 and typewritten by Carl on the back sides of POP-GRAPHICS stationary, including diagrams rubber cemented or taped on.  It was from this that I made the above listing.  Carl wrote a series of articles for THE NATIONAL BILLIARD NEWS [now defunct after CONRAD died] instructional of nature and this is the holographic copy of the book that resulted from these article.  Carl gathered this information all over the world, in his billiard travels, and as a result wrote some other words of fine reportage about the state of the game from the perspective of the rest of the world.  This manuscript is a donation from dennis dieckman and not the Byrne Estate.   THIS IS THE ORIGINAL COPY OF CARL’S WRITINGS Minimum Offer  $2000 DENNIS DIECKMAN STUFF FOR A MORE COMPLETE LIST OF BOOKS, CUES AND OTHER SUCH STUFF THAT I HAVE FOR SALE, ALL MONIES GENERATED TO GO TO THE USBA WIDOW’S AND ORPHAN’S FUND. TO SEE A LISTING OF THIS STUFF GO TO www.cuemaker.com,  Then click on a link that starts with the word “DEBRIS” up in the right hand corner, AND THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO A PAGE WITH FIVE MORE LINKS ON IT.   Click on any one of these five to see what you can see, basically books and cues. PLEASE CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS 517-745-8872. MANUSCRIPTS, LETTERS, OTHER SUCH STUFF Please call me to discuss this stuff; not inventoried yet, but includes all correspondence both sent to me and by me to many people all over the world over 45 years.  This is a make me an offer item. MAGAZINES Lot 0054: I have a stack of THE AMERICAN CUEIST 8.5" high.   In the later issues you will be able to read my essays on how to build  cues.  All mags have a mailing label with my name on it.  Minimum Offer for the whole lot, NO cherry picking: $750 Lot 0055: I have a complete collection of THE FIRST NATIONAL BILLIARD EXCHANGE, for which I also wrote essays on how to build cues.  Most have a mailing label with my name on it.  14 isssues, Minimum Offer: $400 Lot 0056: CHALK AND  CUE was a Canadian Pool/Snooker Mag that didn’t last too long but I have the last nine issues of it. A TRUE COLLECTORS ITEM.  Minimum Offer $250. TOURNAMENT PROGRAMS Lot 0057: CARL CONLON WORLD CUP PROGRAMS 1999/2002/2003 I have two sets from these events.  ONE SET has BB’s and RC’s autographs in the 2001 program from the year they were inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame.  In 1999 and 2003 I had an ad and that is also autographed in both sets for what it is worth.   If you want the set  with BB’s and RC’s autographs [to say nothing of mine] Minimum Offer is $200. $100 for the other set [with only my autograph.....LOL] Lot 0058 a/b: One program each  from the  World 3-Cushion Championship In Vegas 1978  and the World 3-Cushion  Championship in Vegas 1986  No autographs.  Minimum Offer: $150 each Lot 0059: SANG LEE INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAL 3-CUSHION TOURNAMENT. 2005, 2006, 2007.  I PLAYED IN 2006 AND 07.  The 2006 program has many player autographs.  Minimum Offer: $250 for the lot. Lot 0060: USBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PROGRAMS 1998, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010.   Some autographed by myself as I put in a paid ad to help support the organization and caroms. Lot 0061: NIPPON BILLIARD ASSOCIATION Program books from 1981, 1982, 1983 [Sang Lee played in this one] with Carl Conlon’s stories that he wrote for THE NATIONAL BILLIARD NEWS as their roving correspondent.  Minimum Offer $200 OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS Lot 0062 Yet to be inventoried and catalogued.....save me the trouble and send the USBA $500 and you can have all this shit. VIDEOS and DVD’s I have still 4 VHS video sets of my last cue building videos.  They are also available for free on youtube, search for my name and you will find them.  If you harvest this material, and it is free on youtube, and IF YOU FEEL GUILTY, please send a check for $100 as a donation to the USBA.