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Hello My Friends, welcome back to cuemaker.com even though I am really just a cue builder. For those of you who visited this web site in years past you will find it vastly changed, hopefully for the better, but then you should visit it and judge for yourself.  Any questions or comments you might have, you may direct them to myself:    dennisdieckman@gmail.com     If you do so please put CUEMAKER.COM in the subject line. Good luck, as before you will find the site somewhat difficult to navigate but then I have instructed Chantal not to build it for dummies, so any problems you might encounter are of my own making not Chantal’s as she is only following orders.  AT ANY RATE, you will find the sites content vastly different than before, hopefully more interesting. If you click on THE WRITTEN WORD you will find all sorts of interesting stuff ranging from the Sci-Fi novel I am currently writing,  essays on my ideas on how to reform the three branches of the federal government, stories from my days in the NAM and the world of cue sports and cue building, and maybe even some really bad limericks.  All of the links you find should be active   If you are interested in viewing images of my cue building work from the recent to the ancient past please click on CUE PORNO at the top of the page.  Feel free to steal any and all of my designs that you want, as many have done in the past.  All of these cues are no longer available from me but you might find some of them on the after market if you are lucky.  I will be adding many images later on but I think you will be happy with what you find now.  All of the links you find should be active   Click on VIDEOS I HAVE MADE and you will some links to stuff I have on youtube.  If you like what you see please subscribe as other stuff will be going up but that is back burner right now.  All of the links you find should be active. The DEBRIS page finally got some content put on it and there will be more to come. This site is still under construction, still a work in progress as it were.   We will be adding more content on a regular basis in the near future.  Please remember DIECKMAN’s FIRST LAW OF CUE BUILDING: “you must  have patience, more patience and then even more patience.” The current version of this site [666.69] was designed and built by Chantal Vezina who has resurrected it from the ashes;  with out her help you would not be reading these words. Should you ever need a web site designed and built I would highly recommend her work as would a fellow named Dick Abbott.  To see Dick’s web site that Chantal also built go to billiardcue.com.  To contact Chantal email her at chantal@sistersproductions.com GOOD LUCK                                                           
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UPDATED 24 OCT 2016 Many images added to DEBRIS so click on that PLUS more CUE PORN for you sickos HERE ARE THE CUES THAT ARE CHATTANOOGA BOUND